I was fortunate that after my first child, I lost all the "baby" weight. However, I was not so lucky after my second child. I didn't lose the baby weight and even after 2-3 years I just seemed to have kept gaining. 

I became conscious of my weight and not confident at all. I would often hide it with baggy clothing. Then I decided it's time to do something about it.

Starving Myself

Yep, I tried it. I'd have a big breakfast, skip lunch and then have dinner. Then I realized this is not working out. 

So, I was hungry throughout the day, had poor concentration and was constantly irritable. By the time dinner came, I would overeat and then have a midnight snack, this was my body making up for all that was lost during the day. 

Something had to change and I realized that…

So, I decided to have all 3 meals and even snack during the day when needed. 

Change in Diet

I did adopt a healthier diet and it did wonders. It was difficult at first but then I got so used to it that it became a habit and I refused to look at anything unhealthy. 

I also discovered green smoothies and I was hooked instantly. I decided to swap out the following:

  • Dairy milk for almond milk
  • Fries for a crispy salad
  • Sugary deserts and candy for fruits
  • Fatty cooking oil for olive oil
  • Margarine for butter
  • Chips and other unhealthy snackables for nuts or smoothies

And boy, did this plan work! I did have cheat days but overall I maintained a healthy diet. 


I had never been a person who enjoyed any form of physical exercise, to be honest, but I knew that it's needed. 

I also never wanted to go to the gym because I'm the type that loves to do everything from the comfort of my home with no one around. 

So, I bought a yoga mat and downloaded an exercise app. So, I'm like, "Okay, now I should start seeing results". 

To be completely honest, it didn't work for me and I hated it. I just did it because I had to. So, I decided to invest in a treadmill and that was the best decision I ever made!

I also discovered HIIT and I was instantly hooked and started seeing quick and immediate results. 

I was noticeably losing weight. 

When I wasn't doing HIIT, I would just walk on the treadmill at a pace I was comfortable at. 

Now, I'm not hating on other workouts, I eventually did get back to it, but walking is still my go-to. 

I do weight lifting, yoga and other exercises. 

Other Forms of Physical Activity

I placed a board over my treadmill and place my computer on it while I work and it totally rocks! I'm far more efficient. 

Other forms of activity that I would get are to use the stairs instead of the lifts, walk wherever possible and whenever I can squeeze in some physical activity, I grab the opportunity! 


Here, I just covered what worked for me. I do understand that other methods have worked for other moms. Either way, hope this helps!

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